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About Palisade Corporation

Palisade’s @RISK software uses a technique called Monte Carlo simulation to help project managers identify and analyse project risks, in a familiar & intuitive environment - Microsoft Excel. New @RISK 7 allows you to import Microsoft Project information - schedules, costs, risk registers, quantities – into Excel for advanced risk analysis. This means you can answer questions like “What are the chances of completing this project on time and under budget?”, and “How much contingency should we allocate?

@RISK® is used to answer these and many other project management questions every day. An important application of @RISK is the analysis of risks in cost estimation and project scheduling. @RISK for Excel integrates with Microsoft Project, allowing you to perform all your risk modeling from the more flexible Excel environment. @RISK imports your Project schedules into Excel so that you can use all of Excel’s formulas, and @RISK’s features, on your Project models. Excel becomes a front-end for your Microsoft Project schedule, linking directly to the underlying .MPP(X) file. Changes made in either Project or Excel are reflected in the other. When it’s time to run your Monte Carlo simulation, Microsoft Project’s scheduling engine is used for the calculations, ensuring accuracy. The bottom line for project managers is an integrated toolset that – finally – brings together cost, schedule, and financial risk modeling in a single, accessible environment.

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“New View” of Your Project

A communication layer connects Excel and Project, allowing live updating of schedules in Project when changes are made in Excel. This makes @RISK truly a cross-platform tool, enabling risk modeling of your Microsoft Project schedules using the same @RISK you use for modeling in Excel! You get the best of both worlds: Excel formulas, functions, and graphs combined with the Microsoft Project scheduling engine.

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